Entity Component System

NRE-ECS is an Entity Component System, the framework is based on the EntityX ECS.
It's designed to fit the NearlyRealEngine needs, the interface is similar to EntityX,
internally it's use NRE Standard library container to boost the ECS performance.

The ECS is not coupled to an event system, as the NRE Event system is managed in NRE-System API,
it's remove the need of a big dependency from the graphics API which is not always needed when using an ECS.
You can manually add event system coupling when using the ECS to fit your needs.

System & Component designing are really simple,
for Component you only need to create a class with components attributes, no overhead are needed.

For System, you need to inherit from the ECS::System class.
Then create the configure method which is called when the system is created.
Finally the update method need to be overriden, it will be called on each frame.

The library can be found on my GitHub : NRE-ECS


The library is fully-documented, the documentation is available here :
NRE-ECS Documentation