Automatic Makefile Generator

NRE-Builder is a simple software for automatic makefile generation, the software can create a simple project architecture.
Or analyse the source directory to generate all needed makefile according to a configuration file.

The tool can use multiple configuration with a switch parameter allowing the user to have several configuration, for example build with different compilers.
The configuration can exclude file or folder from the final build.
You can also specify a test parameter to analyse the test folder created by the tool in order to compile unit test.

It generate also a script allowing the user to pack all object in a static library according to the used configuration

The software works for C/C++ project and sub-level source directories.
An example of generated makefiles and needed configuration file :

The software can be found on my GitHub : NRE-Builder


The project is fully-documented, the documentation is available here :
NRE-Builder Documentation