2019 Update :
With NRE-System becoming functionnal, NearlyRealEngine is beeing reworked with the use of all currently devellopped APIs.
This includes :

  • NRE-Math
  • NRE-System
  • NRE-Utility
  • ...
More APIs will become available as I'm fragmenting the engine into separate APIs and then optimizing every part.
The engine will greatly gain in performance as I wrote a complete implementation of basic containers (vector, list, map, ...) and remove the use of SDL in favor of NRE-System.

2018 :
This is the heart of the NRE Software, the 3D Rendering Engine that I'm developping for 1 year.
I'm continuously upgrading it for my need and with what I want to learn.

The Engine's code is available on my repository here :

The engine allows a simple programmer to develop a full game easily, it involves some features :

  • OpenGL wrapper library
  • 2D and 3D Rendering pipeline
  • Powerful and User-Friendly ECS
  • Powerful and User-Friendly Event handling mecanism
  • Full mathematical built-in library
  • Built-in world voxel generator
  • Assets loading
  • Graphical effect including : PBR pipeline, Bloom, SSAO, IBL, Dynamic shadow
  • Customisable rendering pipeline
  • ...

The engine is coded in C++17, with the use of SDL 2.0.8 for portable base event-handler, and OpenGL 4.5.
Many things are missing but I take my time to code things properly and do what i want.
The physics engine is in project

What's NRE Software ?

NRE Software is the result from the merge of all my work, including my 3D rendering engine and the set of utilitary tools I developped while studying.
The name came from the rendering engine NearlyRealEngine, my first big project.
Then with time I came developping a lot of little software in order to manage things i was doing everytime.
I wanted to pack everything in a website to show what I'm doing and to share my software with everyone.

Nearly all my software are open-source, the code is public but under GPL v3 Licence.